Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tokyo Turns Two

Tokyo: 2yrs / 17lbs. Click for her first birthday link

Today begins the terrible twos for me and I couldn't be more excited. My people will surely need to navigate my terrible twos with patience and humor. To celebrate my birthday, my people hooked me up with some cool new presents including three new Ugly Doll friends and Skelanimal ChungKee the Panda.  I also got a Nina Ottosson interactive toy called the dog Tornado which is going to get filled with treats for me to eat. I'm also pretty sure that later today my people will be setting up a huge bouncy in the park for me to jump on and the clowns and petting zoo will be arriving soon.  This birthday is seriously PAWSOME!  Be sure to stay tuned to check out my travels and adventures for another exciting year. And don't forget you can also check out what I've been up to on my Twitter:!/tokyoshiba and there are even more photos on my Tumblr:

Because I'm such a lucky shiba girl, I've also made a couple donations to charities for my birthday. My friend Snickers is throwing a special charity canine cocktail party in New York City for Emmie the Superdog's birthday on June 17, 2011 to benefit Hike for Our Heroes.  You might remember that I got to meet Emmie and her gang last year at the Veteran's Day parade in San Diego, California. 

Here are some other great places to donate: <== Winnie's people got this new rescue setup this year <== Snickers' Mom setup this great rescue <== My friend Taro came from this rescue


  1. Happy birthday Tokyo!! Here's to many many more!! Play bows,


  2. happy bithday tokyo! cool stuff you got there

  3. happy birthday pretty tokyo! i have that tug-a-jug (and a wooden tornado, too). awesome gifts...

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Tokyo! two years young you're! You look really great with those wonderful BD gifts!!!

  5. Wow, you have all my favorite toys - like the Nina Ottoson puzzle, the Tug a Jug, and those cute ugly dolls! Happy Birthday Tokyo! Luv, Toki