Sunday, May 15, 2011

San Diego Dog Parks

Tokyo looks for other shibas at the Rancho Bernardo dog park.
The San Diego area is very pet friendly and while it is a big spreadout place, you can find dog parks in neighborhoods all over. When you live in a condo like me and don't have a yard, going to dog parks gives me some off-leash running time.  If you are planning a visit, be sure to check out the link below with locations of the city's dog parks- many are adjacent to city recreation centers and some have separate fenced areas for dogs by size (usually over 30lbs and under 30lbs).  Dog water fountains and bags are typical, although we always bring our own. 

Tokyo runs with some new dog park friends.


  1. Wooo Tokyo! That looks like a lot of fun! Play bows,


  2. WOOF! that is a very large, pretty dog park.

  3. that park looks SOOOO awesome. is that white one a shiba?

  4. Kaiju- yes, the white one is a shiba. But did you notice how I was out in the front, running the fastest?! *shiba grin*