Sunday, November 21, 2010

Packing 101

Tokyo packs her suitcase for Thanksgiving 2010
I'm busy gathering up my stuff and getting packed today for a big airplane trip on Wednesday. I've already got my pet reservation in paw and my medical records copied.  And I've got my blankets, balls, kong, nom nom treats, Acana kibble, and friends Skeletal Jack, Babo Bird, and Plunko among others.  I even slipped in some cheese from the fridge when my people weren't looking.  This should be a fun trip to the east coast. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day

Happy Gotcha Day!  Today, November 14, 2010 marks my official one year anniversary with my people in my new home in San Diego.  I was 5 1/2 months old when they came to get me.  I was already a southern California girl living with Darryl Chenoweth of Kari-on Akitas and Shibas so I didn't have to move too far.  Now I live with my two people and a meowie named Capone.  I've made lots of new friends in San Diego and I have online dog friends all around the country as well.  My first year has been a lot of  fun.  I've played in the pacific ocean, chased lizards in the Arizona desert and jumped around in the east coast snow. 

Stayed tuned for another exciting year!

ps- if you are looking for your own shiba, be sure to check out these links for some awesome dogs who need forever homes!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emmie & Troy's Drum Hike

I'm excited to report that I got to meet Emmie and Troy today at the San Diego Veteran's Day parade.  For those who aren't familiar, Troy Yocum is an Iraq War Veteran and has been on a 7,000 mile hike back and forth across the country to raise $5 million to help military families in need  The hike kicked off in April 2010 in Louisville, KY and will ultimately circle back to Louisville in August 2011. Now, no story would be complete without a special little shiba.  Troy is not only hiking across the country with his wife Mareike and Chihuahua Harley but also with his faithful companion Emmie the SuperDog. 

On Thursday, November 11 they finally reached my hometown and I got to meet Emmie and Troy before they marched in the Veteran's Day parade.  I gave Emmie lots of Shiba kisses while my Mom chatted with Mareike.  The San Diego Shiba Meetup Group prepared a special gift package for them, complete with yummy dog treats and a green stuffed hippo for Emmie.  I was on shiba-duty and volunteered to guard the goodie box until we were able to hand it over to Troy's crew. 

You can donate through their website. As of today, they have raised about $90,000 of their $5 million goal.  And be sure to check out and pick up this very cool official "Never Walk Alone" t-shirt to support the effort.
*salutes with paw* -woof