Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tokyo Reviews: The Thundershirt

The Thundershirt is designed to be used in situations that can cause dogs anxiety and works by applying gentle pressure on the torso; the pressure is known to have a calming effect for most dogs. Despite the name, Thundershirt is not just for dogs with a fear of thunder. (I live in San Diego, California and I don't even know what thunder is.) Thundershirt can be used to treat many forms of dog anxiety: separation anxiety, travel anxiety, noise anxiety (fireworks), crate anxiety, excitability and general fearfulness among others.

The product is available in 7 different sizes, for little dogs less than 12 lbs to big dogs over 90 lbs. To determine fit, you will need to measure around your dog's chest (right behind the front legs at the largest point.) I got size small which is marked for dogs 15-25 lbs with a chest measurement of 16"-23". My sizing placed me at the low end of size small and it fits fine. Thundershirt also comes in different colors, like the super cute pink rugby style that I'm modeling. The fabric is machine washable and extremely soft and it was easy for my people to wrap it on me with simple velcro fasteners. To remove the shirt, my people easily unfastened the wrap under my torso and then just slide it off over my head. Note, you can put the shirt on and take it off without your dog needing to step into the shirt. This is a very nice feature.

My people picked up the Thundershirt to see how it would work to calm me down when delivery people come to my front door. I tested it with a delivery person over the weekend. With the shirt on, I still initially whined and barked at the door when the person arrived, but far less than typical. I then quickly calmed down and didn't act excited or anxious while the delivery person carried the food in my house.  My people say this is a definite improvement. I say, I look cute. Be sure to check out the Thundershirt website for videos and additional product information.

Do you have a Thundershirt? And if so, how are you using it?
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