Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Tokyo's egg hunt
The Easter egg hunt is in full swing at my house. For my Easter basket, my people got me a new Egg Babies shark plush toy. I get to have fun by removing the three eggs from the special pocket in the shark body and then get to play with the eggs AND the shark. It's like one toy becomes four toys! The eggs are squeaky so they are super fun to run around with. It even comes with 2 replacement eggs. In addition to the shark, you can get other animals like a duck, turtle, hedgehog, penguin, frog, etc. Do you have any Egg Babies toys?


  1. Hi Tokyo - Toki loooves her platypus egg babies! Especially when I hide a few biscuits with the eggs... Happy Easter!

  2. i have a bald eagle egg babies toy from rinji and his sister mika. i love it. i've become too good at egg extraction, though, so we just play with the eggs. they are the best indoor fetch toy ever.

  3. hey tokyo your toy looks cute but my mom wants to know if they come with lots of stuffing? cuz my mom doesnt want me to have toys that have alot of stuffing in them cuz that mean she has to pick it all up when i "tear" into them.


  4. Hi Namichan: Yes, they do have stuffing. But with the internal pocket space they are a little less-stuffed than your typical plush toy. I can confirm however that I have done some tearing and destuffing.