Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tokyo can haz Sprinkles?

Tokyo checks out the cupcakes from Sprinkles.

Sprinkles cupcakes makes a special doggie cupcake for $2.50.  My people picked up some cupcakes for themselves and one for me.  The mini dog cupcake is sugar free and topped with yogurt "frosting."  The nice people at Sprinkles put my special cupcake in its own bag with a cool orange pawprint sticker.

The special doggie cupcake for Tokyo.

If you are lucky enough to live near one of their locations, make sure your people don't leave without a dog cupcake for you. Note, Sprinkles does not allow pets in the store.


  1. Shiba cuteness! Tokyo is adorable. Thanks for the sprinkles tip. Now Toki (my pup) and I can enjoy our cupcakes together...

  2. Bought a male,6 month old last weekend. Being a first time dog owner. i not sure how to handle a shiba.

    He bite leash and both the owners. he get excited when seeing other dogs. should we let him get close to others or should pull away from them?
    First few days we brought him outside to do his business on grass land. Then we read on blog only to find out he will get ticks and other fleas if we let him walk in grassy land.
    How should i retrain him now?
    how should we react when he bite uor feet, hand and pants?
    Owner who need help

  3. I know little about your situation for specifics, but at 6mos old your shiba is still a young puppy; leash biting is very common as well as being mouthy when playing. At this age shibas chew a lot, so get a lot of toys. For basic obedience, shibas respond to positive training methods(meaning encourage/reward good behavior- ex. give treats.) Repetition=boring for shibas, so training needs to be fun. Shibas are very intelligent and patience is a must. With a shiba you are building a "partnership" and it needs to be built on trust.

  4. Hi

    May i know what food you feed your shiba?

  5. I am currently eating Ziwipeak (air dried)

  6. My doggies is 8 month old. have been feeding home cook chicken/mutton plus kibbles For the last 4 months he has been farting( smell like rotten fish when he was fish for puppy or smell like rotten egg when eating taste of the wild. I tried to introduce barf or dried raw food to him but he doesnt eat them.
    He has suffer from diarhhea and vomitting for 3 weeks( start around wed) and we hv to bring him to vet every week when his illness repeat.

    Vet said is indigestion. WOnder is it the kibbles or cooked chicken.

    What do u think i should do from now? i would like my shiba to eat home cooked food and cut away from kibbles.

  7. I do not eat chicken (including in any kibble) and I know quite a few other shibas that have to stay away from eating chicken.

  8. I was told to feed shiba's lamb, avoid chicken and beef. Don't know why, but my 14 and 17 yr old shibas always have done well on lamb. Tokyo is beautiful!