Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tokyo Picks: EzyDog

Tokyo models her EzyDog Quick Fit harness and Mutley leash

My people recently bought me a new harness and some cool leashes from EzyDog. EzyDog makes a variety of dog gear including leashes, collars, harnesses, apparel, etc. My people picked up the Quick Fit harness style which has multiple adjustments for a secure fit and indeed is easy for my people to get on and off on me. (That is *if* they can catch me, but that is another story.) Unlike a traditional harness, the Quick Fit does not require "stepping" in; instead it simply slips over your head. A strap wraps under your rib cage with a buckle clip at the side of your chest. My measurements put me in size small. The harness retails between $20-$24 depending on size. The harness paired with my EzyDog Mutley leash means I've been walking around San Diego in comfort and in style. You can check out EzyDog products at


  1. Hey Tokyo!

    I'm your cousin Toshi. Dan and Holly adopted me from Daryl and we have the same Mom. Daddy and Mommy use to live downtown at the Alta but now are in North County. They tell me once I have a few more shots I can come downtown.

    Ruff Ruff

  2. Hi Toshi! Pawsome....I can't wait to meet you. Keep in touch.
    woof- Tokyo

  3. Hi Tokyo! I'm Mya- also a red shiba inu. I'm based in Manila, Philippines. What a coincidence- my mom had just bought me a pink camo Ezydog Quick Fit Harness. Thing is, she's not sure it's the right size. She got me a medium but has to set it at all the tightest settings. I'm 2 1/2 years old, and weigh 24.4 lbs. Do you wear a small or a medium? You look great in your Quickfit!

  4. Hi Mya from the Philippines! I bet the pink camo looks very nice, they didn't have that one when I got mine. I have size small and weigh 16.8 - 17 lbs. I have the small expanded towards the biggest setting, but there is still about 1.5 inches at the rib cage adjustment clip; I have the front chest velcro expanded almost to the max. Some other 20+ lb shibas I know got the medium, so I think you are probably in the right size. -woof!

  5. Hi Tokyo! Thanks for your reply. Maybe the 1 and a half inches is all I need... But maybe not. I think I really have to go get my mum to go with me to the store and actually try them all out for my best fit. I just hate the long ride. Gets me car-sick! Let you know what I end up with. :)

  6. Hey .. I love you website. I am still 4 moths old and well i cannot stay still and my ADD , kicks real fast.

    My Name is Sakura. and I live in miami FL. My guy is looking at a harness , because this ^&%^&$ collar is killing me. I think my guy is trying to make me learn how to walk on my read paws. AUGGGHH....

  7. Hi Tokyo,

    It's been so long! Just letting you know that my pink camou Quickfit was chewed by my new black and tan shiba brother, King, and so I'm now using an Ezydog chestplate harness. I've gone military and now using green camou design.

    Take care!