Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shiba nail trimming

Tokyo trims Ugly Doll Moxy's nails
Truth is, many shibas do not like to have their paws touched, let alone having to endure the awful torture of having our nails trimmed.  (Do I hear a shiba scream?) Since it isn't necessary to stress out your shiba, I offer the following advice.  First, your humans need to bring your favorite food treats.  I especially like cheese, so I always get little bits of cheese when I have my nails trimmed. Second, it really helps for your humans to remain very calm. The goal is to trim nails with the least amount of stress for the shiba; therefore, the humans really need to remain calm and not act rushed. Third, having a good pair of clippers is a must (some people opt for a dremel tool instead.)  The trimmers my people use are from Drs. Foster and Smith  We have size small. The design has a soft rubber grip handle; they cut clean and easily spring open and closed. Fourth, there is no reason to do all the nails in one sitting. Sometimes, spreading out the trimming really is better for all. Of course, the most important step is to give lots of treats to yield a happy shiba.  

Lately, the biggest prank I've been up to is practicing circus tricks during the middle of nail trimming. This usually involves me forcing my people to attempt to trim my nails while I am acting silly on my back.  


  1. I actually use a Dremel tool on my Shiba Indee.

    It works so well, and he even will sit still for it if I take him on a nice walk first!

  2. Our Shiba absolutely hates getting his nails done! The only way we do it is if we take him on a long bike ride.