Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hanging out at home

Tokyo takes a break at home

I haven't been traveling much this year; I've only been on two road trips to Arizona so far. But don't worry, I've been busy adding things to my calendar and making some plans for the summer.  In July, I'll be attending the Shiba Club of Southern California's annual celebration picnic (aka Shibapalooza.)  The picnic is open to both members and non-members.  There will be fun and games and pet communicator Dr. Monica Diedrich will be there too.  I'm gonna make sure I talk to her so she can tell my people to give me more cheese.  I've also made plans to meet up with some of my shiba friends at the picnic. Summer 2011 will be lots of fun!  


  1. Hey toyko, I talked with that pet communicator last year. She was great! she told my mom of my history and also told her that i am going to be a handfull and she better be on her toes haha. I also told her that like belly rubs, treats, and bully sticks.

    Can wait to see you there too, will be bringing my mom, not sure about my dad tho.