Monday, July 4, 2011

Tokyo Navigates

Tokyo loves car rides.

Happy 4th of July! My summer travel and fun has officially begun. I spent the holiday weekend in Arizona visiting family and playing with my pawsome Arizona shiba friends. We played ball and chased each other.  Even getting there was fun. I love traveling and especially car rides because there are cool things to see along the way. On this trip I drove past the Imperial Sand Dunes and giant windmills. (It was all very sci-fi.)  I am also really good with directions and make an excellent navigator from my console perch. [BUSTED: Apparently my people don't appreciate my ability to navigate, because I wasn't allowed to sit on the console once we started driving.]


  1. Misaki navigates from Mom's lap. Then she takes a nap when she thinks I'm on the right track. Then she wakes up later and huffs when we aren't somewhere buying her treats. :)

  2. The console perch is the best seat in the car :)

  3. when i am in moms car i can stand on the console pretty good but when i am in dads car it seems a little small and i dont fit to well there. sometimes i get tossed around, dad blames it on moms driving. so i just end up sitting or laying in the back seat.