Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My First Birthday

Today is my birthday, June 2, 2010.  I am now 1 yr old.  I've gotten very big.  Bigger than everyone expected for me.  I now weigh 15 lbs.


  1. Tokyo! I just got here via your twitter. You are such a pretty little girl! We look forward to many travel and outing stories from you. Our little dude is too shy to go to any of those places (restaurants, shops, airports, etc.), so we'll just enjoy your story vicariously here :)

  2. Thanks for finding me! I just added your blog to my blog list - I look forward to your adventures too.

  3. She is just beautiful! Her coat is flawless and such a happy face! I have a Shiba mix (he is 53 pounds!) but his brain is 100% Shiba! (His body is about 85%!) Fortunately though he is very friendly with people, especially children (though, it seems he's not a dog person! ;-) )