Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tokyo Turns Four

Tokyo 4 years old / 18 lbs

Hello world! Today, June 2, 2013, is my 4th birthday! Today my people gave me pawsome new toys and some of my favorite treats from Zuke's and Primal Pet Foods. Looking back, I've been on so many adventures since my people came to get me back in 2009.  I hope you've enjoyed following my blog and reading about all of my travel adventures. Here's a look back, from my previous birthdays.
My First Birthday - June 2, 2010
Tokyo Turns Two - June 2, 2011
Tokyo Turns Three - June 2, 2012

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  1. Happy birthday Tokyo! :)

    Saya is four too she turned on April 20th crazy how fast dogs age it seems.

  2. Happy birthday, Tokyo!!

    I am thinking of adopting a shiba puppy, and was wondering who is your breeder. I would love to know! Tokyo is such a cutie!!


    1. Hi Mimi- I'm from Kari-On Akitas and Shibas outside of Los Angeles.

  3. Happy belated birthday Tokyo! Hope your day was grrreat,


  4. Happy belated birthday Tokyo. I am curious where did you get all her ugly toys, esp the domo? I am bringing my 8 weeks pup home soon.