Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shiba in San Diego

Living life as an urban dog in San Diego, California has lots of perks.  For instance in July, Comic-Con 2012 came and put up a pretty colorful mural for me to enjoy in my neighborhood. And with their arrival, all my local shops and restaurants were suddenly filled with thousands of superheroes and villans. Way cool.
Tokyo chills in the Oakley store. Gaslamp, San Diego, California

I often get asked if it is hard for me being a dog living in a high-rise condo in the city. I say not really. Sometimes the noises and the crowds can be a bit much for me down on the street, so my people are mindful of staying alert to my signals. I don't have my own big yard, like some of my dog friends, but there is plenty of grass in the city and I do have lots of events and happenings to check out.

Living in San Diego also means I get to join my people on many of their normal errands too, like shopping. Many stores, including  Westfield Horton Plaza, and restaurants in downtown San Diego are pet friendly, so please DO NOT leave your dog tethered and waiting on the street. Not cool. My people always ask to make sure, and then bring me in once they get the "okay." 

Westfield Horton Plaza allows leashed dogs in the common areas and even has its own dog park located on the mezzanine level. The dog park has a small fenced-in area where dogs can run, as well as water and bags for doggy waste disposal. Pretty darn cool.

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