Saturday, July 7, 2012

Riding In Style

Tokyo rides around Southern California in style
I absolutely LOVE car rides and I usually prefer having the passenger person hold me for the duration of the trip- whether I'm looking out the window or napping. As this isn't the most safe way to ride, my people picked up the Animals Matter Companion Car Seat for me to try. We were all skeptical at first, but on my first car ride I took to this car seat like a pro!

The Animals Matter Companion Car Seats are designed to be used with your auto's existing safety belt. A customized groove in the foam allows the seat belt to wrap completely around the front and sides of the car seat, securely holding it in place. (Note, you may need a seatbelt extender, especially for the 3X car seat size.)

An adjustable length strap/tether inside the car seat attaches to your dog's harness (not collar) to keep your dog safely secured in the car seat.   The strap allowed me enough room to stand up, sit, nap, and look out the window, but was not long enough for me to jump out of the seat. The Animals Matter Companion Car Seats come in four sizes and in three colors: camel, charcoal and pink. The seats are constructed of a dense upholstery-grade foam with an easily removable zippered cover for machine washing. 

I got the camel in the largest size, called the Companion 3X Car Seat, so I would have plenty of room to spreadout in any direction. The 3X measures 28" long x 20" wide x 16" high and states it is suitable for dogs up to 45 lbs.

If you are looking for a stylish dog car seat, I say check this one out -woof! The retail price for the 3X model I purchased is $239 and can be ordered from In the Company of Dogs.

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  1. Hi - I posted your blog at the Sheba Inu Community at vorts.


  2. I have the same one! Love it!!! Woof -Kylara Shiba in San Diego