Friday, August 24, 2012

Puppia Mesh Harness

Tokyo Reviews: This summer, I've been testing out my new Puppia harness around San Diego and out on my adventures. I got the soft harness in pink which features a very soft outer layer of air mesh fabric.  The fabric is 100% polyester and the instructions recommend hand washing; however, my harness has successfully gone through the washing machine a number of times without incident. The neck is nonadjustable and slips over your head. An adjustable chest belt clips around your chest for a customized fit. Your leash clips to a metal D ring on the spine of the harness. 

Sizing was a little tricky for me. My measurements put me in a size medium. However, when I tried on the medium it made my very thick double coat pouf out rather funny which made it *look* tight on me, so I sized up to large (which actually seems a bit big on me.)  The Puppia Soft Harness retails for approximately $20 and comes in a variety of colors so you can get one that looks pawsome with your fur.

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