Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year! In addition to living year round in fabulous San Diego, which is a very dog friendly city with perfect "neither-hot-nor-cold temperatures" for shibas, I had an excellent 2011 filled with many great adventures and opportunities to meet up with my shiba friends across the country.  For a 2 1/2 year old shiba girl, I say "this is living."

In 2011, I logged 9 special adventures.  I traveled to Arizona 4 times which is always pawsome because I get to chase lizards and play with my shiba friends: Taro, Rinji and Mika.

And I flew on big airplanes to Philadelphia twice for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, smaller shibas are allowed in the first class cabin on Us Airways so I can get around in style -woof! My people even had a custom Celltei pet carrier made for using in cabin on airplane flights so I can be extra comfy.

Christmas 2011 was also extra special, because I finally got to meet shibas Phineas from New Jersey and Shio and Emi from New York City. And don't forget all the fun the shibas had with the 2nd annual Secret Shiba 2011 gift exchange.

I also made 2 trips to Palm Springs, California to stay at the swanky Parker Palm Springs and the uber cool Viceroy Palm Springs. I posted hotel reviews for readers interested in staying at either of these pet friendly hotels.

Over the summer, I also traveled to Huntington Beach, California (aka Surf City) and stayed at the Shorebreak Hotel for the Shibapalooza 2011 weekend. I can't even begin to recap all the fun I had at Shibapalooza and all the shibas I got to meet there like Prince Zuko so you'll have to check out last year's post from July 2011. Shibapalooza was most definitely the place to be seen in 2011. 
Tokyo rests up for her 2012 adventures.
Make sure you stay tuned for Tokyo 2012. Until then, high-paw!

Remember, there are always more pictures of me and updates on Tokyo: My Shiba Inu Tumblr
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  1. wooooo! High-paws mate! & happy new year!


  2. You have such a beautiful shiba! :) I saw you got her from Darryl of Kari-on Akitas and Shibas...I'm currently on his wait list for a shiba this year! By any chance, have you met/know her shiba parents?

  3. aw tokyo is so cute! i came across your site and almost thought that we had the same shiba since they looked so similar! my older one is here: and my younger black and tan one is here: although I havent been able to keep up with either blog very well :X