Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Just like the previous 2 years, I spent Christmas 2011 on the east coast visiting friends and family. I had two great airplane flights all the way from San Diego to Philadelphia and then back again. I flew comfy in the Us Airways airplane cabin inside my pet carrier with my people. While the flights are long (6 hours westbound) I don't mind. With 16 flights logged (in 2 years) I stay calm and quiet during the flights.

The highlight of my Christmas trip was getting to finally meet three extra special shiba friends. Our people scheduled a playdate for us at an indoor play area in New Jersey so we could romp around for a couple of hours. I got to meet Shio and Emi who live in NYC. You can check out their adventures on their blog.

And I got to meet and play with Phineas the superstar shiba with his own movie from New Jersey too! You can also check out more pawsome pictures of us playing by clicking here.

Seriously Philadelphia International Airport...where is my suitcase?

Don't forget there are always more pictures of me on: http://tokyoshiba.tumblr.com/


  1. We are two Shibas that live in Tokyo and are moving to the US this fall and want to fly in-cabin like you! It looks like Shibas are generally too big to do so -- how did you accomplish this?! ~Boo & Bear (We flew here in cargo and did fine, but don't want to do it again if we don't have to!)

  2. Curious what brand and size of bag is that?

    1. Hi Saya: Hi Saya! My bag is a custom bag made by Celltei.com. You can check out more details on my post from Dec 1, 2011 http://www.tokyoshiba.com/2011/12/flying-shiba-friendly-skies.html

  3. Sorry for my late reply. haha

    Thanks for the reply I've checked the bag out it looks nice and comfy. :)

    Company looks great anything made in usa is great! hehe