Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to the Parker

Hotel Reviews: I spent last weekend relaxing at the gorgeous Parker Palm Springs in southern California with my people. The estate is lovely with lots of plantings and intimate paths to meander along. We stayed in the North Building in a first floor Patio Room that had its own sitting area with a hammock. The patio was lush with plantings and even had sand under the hammock area. Since the patio was not fully enclosed, I had to stay on my leash outside but it was a great place to chill with my people. The first floor room location also made it easy to go for my daily walks.

The Parker staff were super nice and attentive to me so I made myself right at home. Everyone quickly learned my name, and I heard lots of "hi Tokyo" to make me feel welcome. On my first night, they delivered a special doggy gift bag filled with pink presents right to my room, including a pink bandana for me to wear around the estate. Love. My people also loved the complimentary french press coffee that was delivered each morning to our room.

The hotel charges a pet fee; based on the time of year it can be an additional $75-$150 per night /per dog. I saw 2 other dogs during my weekend stay. The onsite restaurant Norma's conveniently allows dogs to dine with their people  on the patio. In addition, you can take your dog to the Lemonade Stand which also has food (burgers, tacos) and drinks. While I was at the Lemonade Stand looking shiba-cute, the staff brought over a water bowl for me without my people having to ask. Nice. Note, dogs are not allowed in or around any of the pool areas. 

While you're in Palm Springs, be sure to swing by the Palm Springs Dog Park located just behind City Hall at 3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way. The park is fully fenced and separated by size. The fence was designed by artist Phill Evans. There is plenty of free off-street parking. Posted park hours are 6am -10pm.

For those who may have noticed in the picture to the right...yes, I am wearing a pink camo  EzyDog Quick Fit harness.

Don't forget. There are always more pictures on my tumblr Tokyo: My Shiba Inu Tumblr

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