Saturday, October 29, 2011

Secret Shiba 2011

*whispers* Psssst...come over here. Hey shibas, it's that time of year again, when it's time to start planning for Secret Shiba 2011.

What is it? It's when the shibas on twitter (a.k.a. Twibas) do their annual gift exchange. To find out how to participate, go to the official Tumblr of the annual Secret Shiba Gift Exchange.  

Last year I got the most pawsome presents from the firefox girls, Katsumi and Kuri from Hawaii. And I got to send gifts to my shiba friends Mika and Rinji in Arizona. To catch a glimpse of the fun from last year, check out some photos from Secret Shiba 2010.

Don't forget, there are always more pictures of me at Tokyo: my shiba inu tumblr.

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  1. Tokyo is so cute :D i love shibas too :D greets from austria

  2. hey toyko, my mom wants to know how to become a part of this.. does she need to have a twitter account


  3. Hi Nami: Yes, this gift exchange is for twitter shibas (aka twibas) so you need a twitter account. The details are on the secret shiba gift exchange link above :)

  4. Dear Tokyo,

    I think your really pretty. I saw your picture and I spun around like a yuppie puppy shiba. My humans say you're really far away from me, but I hope we can meet someday. Humans say we are moving to SD next year. Hope we can be furiends. You can check out my blog too!