Friday, October 8, 2010

Tokyo Picks: Boomerang Tags, the best dog tag ever...

Fellow shibas, I am here to report that Boomerang Pet Tags are simply the best pet identification tags ever.  First of all, I hate hanging tags that go clang, clang, clang, jingle, jingle, jingle all day long.  Jingling is for Santa and that better mean toys for me.  My Boomerang tag is sleek and quiet. (Think "stealth shiba.")  I have the Adjustable CollarTag version which is basically designed to easily slide onto any existing dog collar.  I usually wear a martingale collar and the new ID tags fits perfect.  The tags can be ordered in different sizes to fit the width of your collar.  I am wearing a 5/8" inch pink nylon collar in this picture- so my people ordered the size small Adjustable CollarTag.  As you can see, the actual ID tag is a little wider than the width of your collar itself.  The fit is very secure.  The stainless steel material is not flimsy.  This is a strong durable tag.  This is truly a buy one have-it-forever kinda tag. The price was only $10.20 including the engraving (no tax or shipping charges).  They also ship fast.  Most shibas will probably want the size "medium" which is for a 3/4" inch wide dog collar. 
With sizes small (5/8"), medium (3/4") and large (1") you get up to 6 lines of text.  For my 6 lines I did this:
  1. TOKYO (plus last name)
  2. Phone number
  3. Email address
  4. City, State
  5. County Dog License number
  6. Avid ID number


  1. I've thought about getting something like this for yuki. The one I saw was $20! Thinking about getting this. The onlly problem is that it IS stealthy for yuki! She sneaks up behind me (quietly) even with the hanging tag!

  2. We use Boomerang pet tags as well. Snick has two - a collar tag like yours on his martingale and a regular stainless tag on his ID collar. They're both over 3 years old and still look new. We buy them by the dozen for NYCSR as well. Boomerang makes the BEST dog tags.