Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Travels

I'm an urban city dog, so I've been exposed to many people, places, sounds, and things on a daily basis.  I've traveled by car, bus, shuttle and airplane so far.  I like traveling because it means I get to be around my people as much as possible.  Many times a trip means there will be dogs and people to play with on the other end. Socialization has been an important part of my life.  But because I'm a shiba, I don't naturally take to every unfamiliar thing so it's important that my people are alert and sensitive to my limits.  They need to be uber perceptive and watch the invisible line between building my confidence and creating anxiety.  This means that they need to know when I've had enough and it's no longer a positive experience for me.

My people are also learning that just because I am "good" in a situation today doesn't mean in two months that I will feel the same.  In many ways, my development has not been progressive nor linear.  It ebbs and flows and meanders in ways my people are trying to understand.  Patterns don't always emerge.  Nothing is a given except knowing that nothing is a given. 


  1. Ah yes, the amazing mood shifts of a Shiba Inu. We know them well. Growing up in a big city does make it easier long term though. Zuko doesn't even flinch at fire trunks, buses, etc for which we are very, very grateful. He does still refuse to step on metal grates on the sidewalks and will skip over the cable car tracks on the street. And since his mommy is the same way, what can I say? :-)

  2. That is an awesome looking pet carrier!
    Kit and Betsy are both urban dwellers. They're not used to riding in cars. In fact, they get carsick! Whenever we go on road trips, I have to dog proof my car and spread old towels and blankets out for easy accident clean up. Also, someone rides in the back with them with a bucket on puke catching duty :p

  3. Hi Tokyo!

    We finally found another SD shiba from the meetup group that has a blog! I'm Mika's mommy posting for Mika. We hope you don't mind that we added you to our "Favorite places to visit" list on our blog. Nami's mom told me that she found your blog the other day, and I finally got around to checking it out.

    We can't wait 'til Veterans' Day to see you and your humans and meet Emmie and her human!

    -Mika's mom typing for Mika (because he's being lazy)