Saturday, October 16, 2010

My brofur, Al Capone

I live with a meowie.  His name is Capone and he is five years old.  He is a very big black cat that weighs 22lbs.  I like to chase Capone whenever I see him but my people don't like it much.  I also like to sit really close to him and poke him with my nose.  I really want to play with Capone but he doesn't like to play with me.  I don't know what the problem is.   Do any other shibas live with meowies? You can follow my brofur on Twitter @CaponeCat!/CaponeCat


  1. I had two brofurs when I came home as a puppy. They were both great kitties. I wuved them. The would play the "hiss" game with me, the "smack-the-puppy-on-the-nose" game and other fun things. I liked to nip at their tails and try to chase them. They both went over the Rainbow Bridge when I was still young and I miss them. I luv all the kitties I see and want to play with them but they don't seem to know the same games my brofurs knew. I keep trying. I be respectful and patient and I know they will give in some day!

  2. Misaki lives with three of them! She would rather they left her alone, but sometimes they want to nuzzle and play. Here's a link to her adopted brother and sisters:

    She doesn't chase them too much - occasionally - but they don't really think she is much of a threat either.