Sunday, September 9, 2012

San Francisco

Last week I kicked off my week long California adventure with both Northern and Southern California mini trips. For the first part of the trip, I flew on United Airlines up to San Francisco to spend Labor Day weekend visiting my Northern California friends and family. This was my first time flying on United and I'm pleased to report that their pet reservation system is really convenient and we didn't encounter any issues. My people were able to make my pet reservation online at the same time they booked their flights (unlike on US Airways.)  United charged $125 for a one-way in-cabin pet fee. When I got to the airport check-in counter, they printed and attached my paper reservation to the carrier and we were off. That's 19 flights for this jet-setting shiba -woof!

Once we arrived in San Francisco we checked into the dog-friendly Cavallo Point just across the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito. Be sure to check out my separate post with a review of my stay at Cavallo Point

It was a wonderful trip filled with many adventures, the best of which included meeting up with my shiba beau Zuko aka Demon Dog.  Zuko took me on pawsome hikes all around Lands End, the Sutro baths, Golden Gate Park, and the streets of San Francisco. There was lots of dirt, many steps and old stone things for us to jump on. We even got to encounter wildlife, like seeing ducks up really close. Zuko also took me to the uber cool George pet store at 2512 Sacramento Street (at Fillmore) and bought me a bag of cheesy hearts and a bouncy ball. High-paw!

I had a great time in San Francisco. There are plenty of dog-friendly places with patios to eat, like Nopalito, a sustainable organic mexican kitchen. It's a big city with much to explore. I'm sure I'll be back soon. Till then, I'll enjoy my cheesy hearts!

Don't forget, there are always more pictures of me at Tokyo: My Shiba Inu Tumblr and be sure to follow me on twitter @tokyoshiba

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