Monday, September 6, 2010

Up Up And Away.....

Labor day weekend in Arizona.  It was a short flight which yielded lots of playing and running around leash free in a grassy yard.  I flew in cabin in my new large Sherpa bag because it has lots of ventilation versus my Sturdi bag. Once in Phoenix 110 degrees was a little hot for me, so I stayed cool in the air conditioning for much of the day.  On the way home, at the Phoenix airport, the TSA people asked if I was a fox (of course I smirked) and then I got lots of smiles from everyone.  And no silly, I don't go through the x-ray machine in my Sherpa bag.  I get picked up and carried through in my people's arms. 


  1. hi tokyo.

    thx for saying hi over on my blog (

    hope you had lots of fun in arizona. hopefully, it wasn't too hot for you! next time we'll have to meet up!

  2. Hi Taro! It was waaayyy hot for me, but I love going to Arizona. I'll let you know the next time I head your way.

  3. Tokyo, how much do you weigh? My pawrents want to take a trip but wonders if I'm small enough to go in the cabin. Also do they charge extra for taking you on board?

  4. Hi Mika: I was about 16 lbs when I flew to Arizona in September. We fly US Airways and their pet fee is $100 each way to fly in cabin. I have to stay in my pet carrier the whole time - on the floor under the seat- but my people open it up during flight to slip in some ice cubes and treats.

  5. Tokyo, you're so lucky you're small enough to fly in cabin. I'm 21 lbs. without a carrier, so I don't think I'll be able to fly in cabin.

    When people ask if I'm a fox, sometimes mommy says "Yes, I got him from Yosemite." just to see their reactions.

    -The SDSIMG (SD Shiba Inu Meetup Group) Mika. =P

  6. you iz really lucky. mom haz to drive everywhere with me because i am 23 pounds so i no can fly in the cabin. my sisfur is 17 pounds and gets to fly. iz not fair! me and mom wish the airlines would make a safe way for bigger doggies to ride with their peeples!